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Lucy Wade
Lucy Wade

Product Manager @BioCad Global

Air Global Tech delivered an exceptional mobile application, showcasing their remarkable expertise. The solution is of top-notch quality, and they met all deadlines seamlessly. The team's high level of professionalism truly sets them apart. I like working with Air Global Tech.

Award-Winning Cross-platform Mobile App for Biocad by Air Global Tech 🏆📱


Air Global Tech proudly presents its remarkable achievement in crafting a cross-platform mobile application for Biocad, a leading pharmaceutical company. The app, designed to elevate user experience and functionality, has garnered the prestigious "Golden App 2021 in the CIS" award.

Key Features:

1. Navigational Excellence 🗺️:

Intuitive user interface ensuring seamless navigation for Biocad's stakeholders.
Smooth transition between diverse app sections for enhanced accessibility.

2. Engaging Sections 🌟:

Special Offers: Implemented a dedicated section for Biocad's special offers, boosting user engagement and promoting exclusive promotions.
Customer Reviews: Integrated a feedback system to showcase positive user experiences, fostering trust in Biocad's products.

3. Innovative Company Blog 📰:

Developed a dynamic "Company Blog" to provide Biocad with a platform to share valuable insights, industry news, and captivating stories.
Regularly updated content to keep users informed about the latest events and trends in the pharmaceutical industry.

4. Supportive Services and Feedback Forms 🔄:

Service Details: Provided an in-depth understanding of Biocad's offerings through a comprehensive "Services" section.
Feedback Forms: Implemented user-friendly feedback forms to encourage seamless communication between Biocad and its clientele.

5. Technological Expertise 🚀:

Frontend Development: Leveraged React Native for a robust and interactive frontend.

Backend Development: Implemented Node.js for a powerful and scalable backend infrastructure.
Integration: Successfully integrated the app with 1C accounting system, creating a seamless ecosystem.

6. Awards and Recognition 🏅:

Air Global Tech's commitment to excellence resulted in the "Golden App 2021 in the CIS" award, recognizing the app's outstanding contribution to the industry.

7. Future-Ready Solutions 🔮:

Explored innovative solutions, including AI-driven features, to future-proof Biocad's mobile app.
Provided technical recommendations for ongoing enhancements and advancements.

8. Multilingual Support 🌐:

Implemented multilingual support for a broader user reach, ensuring a global audience can access Biocad's offerings effortlessly.

Conclusion: Air Global Tech's collaboration with Biocad exemplifies a successful partnership in creating a cutting-edge cross-platform mobile app. This award-winning project showcases our dedication to delivering unparalleled solutions in the realm of mobile app development. The seamless integration of technology, design, and functionality has not only elevated Biocad's digital presence but has also set new standards for excellence in the pharmaceutical mobile app landscape.

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