Art De Vivre

Art De Vivre France
$50 000 - $199 999
1,5 years
Vladislav Rodionov
Vladislav Rodionov

Director, Art de Vivre Group Ltd.

Airkod - Software Development's work has improved the site's stability and speed, driving efficiencies in the client's operations. The accessible team delivers on time and executes their tasks flawlessly. They go above and beyond to deliver effective solutions that boost the client's business.


Our company's comprehensive involvement in extends beyond the frontend and backend development to include the implementation of additional key features, enhancing user engagement and overall functionality.

Key Features:

Homepage Overview:

Navigational Excellence 🚀: 

Upon entering, users are greeted with a meticulously crafted and user-friendly navigation bar. This feature ensures instant access to various sections, allowing for effortless exploration of the diverse range of offerings presented on the website.

Engaging Sections:

  • Visual Appeal 🎨: The frontend design boasts a visually appealing layout, capturing the essence of the brand. This deliberate focus on aesthetics aims to provide visitors with an immersive and aesthetically pleasing browsing experience.
  • Interactive Elements 🔄: Engaging sections with interactive elements have been strategically incorporated. These features enhance user engagement and create a dynamic and memorable interaction with the website.
  • Product Showcases 🛍️: The project includes carefully curated sections showcasing products and services, allowing users to explore and engage with the offerings effortlessly.

Supportive Services and Feedback Forms:

Comprehensive Product Details 📄:
The frontend implementation ensures a detailed presentation of product/service information. Users can access comprehensive details about each offering, fostering transparency and aiding informed decision-making.

User Feedback Integration 🗣️:
Seamless integration of user feedback forms is a key component. This functionality encourages user interaction, allowing for quick and effective communication, as we value the opinions and experiences of our users.

Additional Features:

Calendar Functionality 📅:

We have incorporated a dynamic calendar feature, allowing users to stay updated on events, promotions, and important dates. This intuitive calendar enhances user engagement and ensures visitors are informed about the latest happenings.

Subscription Services 💌:

The website includes a subscription service, enabling users to receive regular updates, newsletters, and exclusive offers. This feature not only facilitates user engagement but also establishes a direct channel of communication with our audience.

Blog Section 📰:

The blog section is thoughtfully curated to share valuable insights, industry news, and captivating stories. Regular updates keep visitors informed about the latest trends, events, and relevant topics, fostering a sense of community and knowledge-sharing.

Backend Infrastructure:

Scalable Architecture 🏗️:

The backend architecture is designed for scalability, ensuring the website can handle varying levels of user traffic without compromising performance.

Data Management and Security 🔐:

Rigorous data management protocols are implemented on the backend, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of user information. This is a critical aspect of our commitment to user trust and privacy.

Payment Gateway Integration 💳:

The backend seamlessly integrates payment gateways, providing users with a secure and efficient transaction process. This ensures a smooth user journey from product selection to payment confirmation.

Footer: The website's footer serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering quick access to additional information, contact details ☎️, and links to social media platforms 📱. This section enhances overall user navigation and engagement.

In essence, our collaboration on extends beyond the core development to encompass features like a dynamic calendar, subscription services, and an informative blog. These additions not only enhance user engagement but also contribute to creating a vibrant and interactive online community.

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